When Breath Becomes Air About Book

How would a person battling a deadly disease like cancer want to live his last moments? What would be on his mind? How would he like to spend these moments with the people close to him? The answer to all these questions can be given only by a person who is very close to death. When Breath Becomes Air, an attempt has been made to find answers to some such emotional questions.

What will we learn from When Breath Becomes Air Book?

This book is based on a real story. This book is a mixed story of emotions and tragedy, which will touch your heart and make you think a lot.

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Who should read When Breath Becomes Air Book?

If you are afraid of minor problems in your life, then read this book once and see, what message is the writer giving to the world while going through the most difficult phase of his life. You will find all this in this book. Real experiences of someone else’s life also give us a chance to learn a lot.

Who is the author of When Breath Becomes Air book?

Paul Sudhir Arun Kalanithi. Was born in April 1977. He was an Indo-American neurosurgeon and writer who fought lung cancer till his last breath.

In this memoir, he has described his family, wife, and family life. It is a matter of great sadness that at a very young age a talented neurosurgeon and a fine human being said goodbye to this world but he will always remain in the heart of his loved ones through this book.

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