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If someone asked you to walk on fire, would you really do it? One of the many activities in Tony Robbins’s seminar is a firewalk. The name of this four-day seminar is “Mind Revolution“.

The purpose of this activity is to convert our fear into power. The participants of the seminar walk barefoot on burning coals 10 feet long. Tony believes that fear is only in our minds.

That’s why Tony teaches in his seminars how to overcome fear, take action and instill in the mind the belief that doing nothing is impossible. His motto is this – “ Nothing is Impossible “. If you can walk on burning coals, then, of course, you can overcome any problem that comes in the way of life.

Tony himself used to be a miserable and unproductive person. He lived alone. Neither did he have a favorite job nor a meaningful relationship. He even weighed 30 pounds more.

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But in just three years Tony changed himself completely. He became a successful and happy young man from a poor situation. Along with becoming a best-selling author, he became one of the most loved motivational speakers.

After transforming himself, Tony has helped many people be it, politicians, business executives, athletes, or ordinary people who were victims of some phobia or disability.

At the age of only 25, Tony achieved a lot of success, wealth, and fame, you will be surprised to know that he did not have any major degree, he only completed his studies till high school but despite this, he achieved many times more than him.

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Life gave her a very good companion as a wife and she met many such people in her career who inspired her a lot.

In this book, Tony has told how he did all this. So you will learn the principles which he applied in his life. You will learn the priceless lessons he teaches in each of his seminars.

There is no limit to how much you can achieve and to be honest, you do not need to look anywhere else, the source of this unlimited power is already inside you.

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