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Start With Why About Book

Why you should read this book

Start with why means start with the purpose. People buy a product not because of the cool features or the complicated methods to make it.

The question is what your company can do for the customers and what your product means to them. If you want to make your business sell, this book is a must-read.

Who should read this Start With Why Book

  • New business owners;
  • product developers;
  • marketing staff;
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs

About the author

Simon Sinek is a famous motivational speaker and author. He has been invited to speak at TEDX and UN Leaders Summit. He has written 5 books about business and organizations.

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Start With Why Introduction

Start with why means start with a purpose. Why does your company exist? Why do you want to be a leader? what is your purpose in life? These are all important questions.

You will find out that the multi-million companies succeed because they started with a purpose. They started with why.

The subtitle of this book is “How Great Leaders Inspire People to Take Action“. Great leaders do not only refer to politicians. It also refers to the leading companies of an industry.

Apple is a leading computer brand. But it also entered the mobile phone industry and the small electronics industry. Later, we will know why.

Inspire people to Take Action” is what Great leaders do. Good politicians do not only make people vote for them.

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They inspire. Likewise, leading companies do not only make people buy. They give inspiration. Great leaders have followers who are loyal to them.

The people are willing to sacrifice or to go out of their way to follow what the leader says. That is because they are inspired.

Successful companies have loyal customers. The competitors may have a new or better product. But the loyal customers do not buy at once.

They are loyal to one brand. How did this happen? This is because the company started with why.

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