Motivational Story to win over the fear of the Mind

Motivational Story to win over the fear of the Mind

It is necessary to win over the fear of the mind | English Motivational Short Story |

Do you know that the running capacity of deer is about 90 kilometers per hour, while the speed of tiger is about 60 kilometers per hour. But still the tiger hunts the deer every time.

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know why?

Because there is a fear in the mind of the deer that it will not be able to win over the tiger and because of this fear, it stops again and again and looks back. The fear of the deer’s mind slows down its speed, and the tiger hunts it down.

Friends, the fear of the mind always stops us from moving forward. A person who has the fear of losing in his mind, he can never work to his full potential. His mind will always make him feel weak.

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Whether you are in any field and whatever work you are doing, it is very important to win your mind because the person who loses from the mind can never succeed despite having immense potential. That’s why you need to win over your mind. Only then can you achieve victory in your life.

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